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Long Distance Caregivers

According to the Census, in Maryland, Howard County saw the largest amount of growth from 2010 to 2015. Many of Howard County recent residents are transplants made up of growing families. Many of these families are what's called the 'sandwich generation'. This term refers to a generation-mostly in their thirties and forties-sandwiched by raising or supporting their children and caring for their aging parents. To add more stress to caring for both one's children and parents, many 'sandwichers' live an hour or more away from their loved one. This officially makes them a long distance caregiver. According to the National Institute for Aging, many long distance caregivers act as information coordinators, helping aging parents understand the confusing maze of new needs including home health aides, insurance benefits and claims and durable medical equipment.

Nurturing Care At Home clients include both those aging at home in Maryland, but also long distance caregivers. We have geriatric care managers on staff who are able to coordinate AND manage care on your behalf for your loved ones living out of state. Call us at 410-384-6873 for more information.

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